Ryan Day Updates 8-6-19

After the Buckeyes fourth practice of fall camp, Ohio State head coach Ryan Day updated the media on what's been going on with the Scarlet and Gray. Here are the top takeaways from Day's 23 minutes with reporters.

  • Day opened by passing along his thoughts to the victims of the shootings in El Paso and Dayton. He said it reaffirms his decision to work to promote mental health through his charitable endeavors.
  • As last year's quarterbacks coach, Day has admittedly remained very involved with coaching the position, although he says that will decrease over time. Quarterbacks coach Mike Yuricich is a perfect blend of experience and openness for Day to work with.
  • Damon Arnette was close to turning pro, but Day and his staff thought Arnette would benefit from another season. So his return is a "big deal" for both parties. Day said that, because Arnette had one foot out the door, he had a lot of makeup work to do academically. To his credit, he's done that remarkably well Arnette graduated this past weekend.
  • There are a lot of intricacies at the center position for a freshman to make a contribution, but as for Harry Miller? "I do see him getting on the field," Day said. "How much will depend on injuries."
  • According to Day, when freshman introduce themselves in team meetings, the upperclassmen often ask them how many stars they had as recruits, and as that freshman attempts to answer, they will be told in no uncertain terms that nobody cares.
  • Addressing the versatility of Demario McCall, Day said it's really important that he work his way into one certain role. "The first thing that he has to do is become the backup running back." Day feels, at this point, finding a legitimate backup running back is a crucial need.
  • Day likes what he's seen from the defense, including four interceptions during today's practice. Josh Proctor had two.
  • They are still installing the offense, therefore he's not yet looking for mistake-free performances by his quarterbacks. And because they are still at a stage where they are tolerating mistakes at the position, Day believes it is too early to say much about the competition for the starting spot. He did later say that, "Justin had a really good practice a couple days ago."