Ryan Day Press Conference: Indiana Week

Buckeye football head coach Ryan Day is getting his team ready to dive into Big Ten play. He previewed the team's road game against Indiana, and here are the highlights:

  • Ben Victor is playing well here early in the season, but Day said that needs to continue, because he needs to do even more to reach the level of a Terry McLaurin or Parris Campbell. Day also feels that fellow wide receiver Austin Mack is off to a strong start.
  • They might have dominated Cincinnati, but Day believes, "the issues are still on the film." The level of play will improve as they step into conference action, and the issues won't just go away without work. That's a message he's stressing to his team.
  • Asked about quarterback Justin Fields's growth from week one to week two, Day felt, "He kinda picked up from where he left off." Fields did take a couple hits Saturday that Day didn't like. He's also still learning to anticipate as opposed to reacting, which is what separates great players from the rest.
  • They have crossing routes in their playbook, but haven't run them as much as they did last year, partly as a result of Fields's inexperience.
  • Master Teague is earning more playing time at running back, but because he missed so much of training camp with injury, there's still some evaluation going on there.
  • Day pointed out that running back JK Dobbins blocked a Cincinnati defensive end this past Saturday.
  • Defensive back Jeffrey Okudah is "playing like a pro...Year three into the program, and he's killing it."
  • There have been a couple times this year that Day has raved about Joe Burrow, and he did so again today, adding that he watched all of LSU's win over Texas.
  • There's a lot of excitement about Shaun Wade. "He can play outside, he can play inside; he can blitz, and he makes a difference on special teams," said Day.
  • The goal is to score, but Day feels the offense at least needs to get two first downs every time they are on the field.
  • They script their first 10-15 offensive plays, but sometimes abandon the script even before that. The goal of the offense is to get their playmakers the ball in space, but "there's a lot that goes into that."

And here's what Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields had to say.