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Ryan Day Press Conference: Miami Week

Ohio State is 5-0 all-time against Miami with a combined score of 200-40 against the Redhawks. The Buckeyes are nearly 40-point favorites for this weekend's matchup, so naturally, coach Ryan Day's weekly press conference was wide ranging. Among the topics he discussed:

  • Day started out with a very nice gesture, thanking teachers as part of the College Football Playoff's "Extra Yard for Teachers Week."
  • It's not hard to keep players focused, despite the team's 3-0 start. Why? Because they're still making mistakes, according to Day, who went as far as to say that watching film has been "frustrating." What are the issues? "Alignment, assignment, execution."
  • Told that Indiana had admitted their plan was to attack the right side of their offensive line, Day expressed surprise because of his respect for Wyatt Davis and Branden Bowen. "Two of the better offensive lineman in the country." Seeing Bowen return from injury has been particularly satisfying since he's staying healthy. "So far so good."
  • Asked if it's too early for him to sense whether this team is capable of something special, Day answered, "I've felt that for a while now." He also said that is something he's discussed with the team.
  • How did he know this team could do special things? One key indicator for Day was that the players and coaches here are the kind of people he wants his son hanging around.
  • This is the time of year when you start getting an idea of what your opponents will bring each week, but it's not until about midseason when you get a true sense of what you'll face when you step out on to the field on Saturday.
  • "Overall, he's managing the game well," Day said of Justin Fields, but he does think the quarterback has a higher ceiling than what we've seen. He just needs more experience of facing live defenses to improve. That being said, he's "light years ahead" of where Day thought he'd be.
  • When in doubt, Day's preference is to take the redshirt off a player who might not be getting extensive playing time, but can still make a contribution to the team's depth. That's especially true, because players who are told they are redshirting tend to lose hope.
  • Day is not ready to anoint Gunnar Hoak the team's backup quarterback, but likes what he's seen from the signal caller.
  • He was nearly as reluctant to praise Master Teague as the team's backup running back.
  • There might be more variety to Ohio State's offense now than there has been at any point in recent Ohio State history, Day believes. "We're doing a lot of things on offense right now."
  • The key to consistency is to staying focused on what's going on now, and consistency is important to the Buckeyes. "If you're the best in America, you need to show that every week," Day said.
  • An interesting point from Bruce Hooley, who asked Day about a comment he had made after the Indiana game about the importance of making corrections without creating resentment in his players. Does that mean that Day isn't an old school coach like Woody Hayes? Day said no, that--whatever his reputation may be--Hayes was loved more than feared by Ohio State athletes.

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