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Ryan Day Press Conference: Nebraska Week

Ohio State has churned out wins with such ease that some reporters have referred to the first four games of their schedule as "the preseason." They're still a double-digit favorite coming up this weekend against 3-1 Nebraska, though, and so the high expectations for the Scarlet and Gray naturally came up at today's press conference, as did these other topics...

  • Day described hitting the road to face Nebraska as the biggest challenge the Buckeyes have faced to date "by far."
  • Cornhuskers quarterback Adrian Martinez was recruited by Day, so Day is familiar with how talented he is. He also praised Martinez's character and his family. He actually was very close to earning a scholarship at Ohio State, but Day was leery of the lack of film OSU had due to Martinez's torn labrum his senior year of high school. Ari Wasserman of The Athletic had a story about that today. [subscription required]
  • Even just having watched highlights, Day is impressed by what he's seen from Wisconsin.
  • Thanks to their dominance, the Buckeyes have yet to prove they can play 60 minutes, and Day says he's going to discuss that with his team this week.
  • There's "an art" to getting a team ready for a night game, and fortunately Day says they have a lot of players with experience playing under the lights.
  • The emphasis on special teams has not dropped off since the departure of Urban Meyer. "I'm in every special teams meeting," says Day.
  • Day did discuss the decision of Isiah Pryor to transfer. "We wish him nothing but the best. We are disappointed that he would make this decision four games in, but we want to make sure he has everything he needs." He still supports the rule that allows players to redshirt even after appearing in four games, despite the fact that it's part of what paved the way to Pryor's move, because Day thinks that's what is best for the players. And this generous attitude is perhaps made easier by the fact that even with Pryor leaving, Day likes what they have at safety. "We have pretty good depth there. We feel pretty good about our depth there."
  • They've played with pace quite a bit this year, but Day says that's just part of their identity. "Tempo is a part of our game, but it's not something we're going to use every week."
  • The Nebraska defense has improved, thanks to some additions up front, Day believes. Also, the secondary and linebackers are more experienced, and the extra year in their system has paid dividends.
  • Is a versatile offense less diverse in high pressure situations? Day says there's a balance, but being on the road does shrink the playbook at least somewhat.

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