Ryan Day Press Conference: First Bye Week

It's the bye week for Ohio State football, but coach Ryan Day did meet with the media to provide updates on what's going on with the Scarlet and Gray. Here's what he touched on during that press conference:

  • The focus this week is on self-improvement. Each position coach is giving their players tangible things for them to work on, while the coaching staff is engaging in self analysis on their performance.
  • Ohio State's coaching staff does use advanced analytics, but they try to avoid relying too much on numbers. That is especially true when it comes to evaluating opponents, who always seem to try to show the Buckeyes something that runs counter to their tendencies.
  • The Buckeyes need to physically recover from the first six weeks of the season during the bye week. "We're a little battered," Day said.
  • There were a couple questions about balance in recruiting. How do you weight Ohio players vs. out-of-state athletes? How much do you focus your time now on keeping 2020 recruits in the fold as opposed to reaching out to members of the class of 2021? On the former, Day said it's extremely important to land the top players in Ohio, and they do have a leg up on out-of-state players. On the latter, he said he relies on his staffers.
  • "Our chemistry has been really good the first six games," Day said. "We have played with toughness." Quarterback Justin Fields was singled out for his toughness, because Day believes that Fields's toughness filters through the entire offense.
  • Day has been linked to possible NFL openings. Would he consider leaving Ohio State for one of those jobs? "I appreciate you asking, but I don't ever really want to talk about that stuff." He did say he loved it here, and referred to a hope that he would be here for years. "Five, ten, twenty years." He also said Washington hasn't contacted him.
  • Days's preference for the college game came when he had to move his family three times in three years.
  • We haven't seen a whole lot of Brendon White this season, and Day said that is partly due to the fact that he is still learning the bullet position.
  • They have been climbing in the polls, but Day said his team is still hungry. "We haven't proven anything yet."
  • He's a former quarterback himself, but it's being able to establish a run game allows a team to control a game, Day feels.
  • Day, questioned about Nick Bosa's flag plant celebration after sacking Baker Mayfield, playfully walked away from the podium. (It had already been announced that he had fielded his last question of the afternoon before he left.)