Ryan Day Press Conference: Northwestern

Ohio State is coming off the first of their two scheduled bye weeks this season, and heading into a Friday night game against Northwestern. It's their first regular season Friday night game since 1959 (a 17-0 loss to USC). Here's what Day talked about heading into that contest.

  • He granted there are few glaring errors that Ohio State is committing, but during the bye week, their self-scouting uncovered some things that need tweaking. He specifically mentioned certain tells that might tip off opposing defenses as to what they're planning to do.
  • Although he has not heard a lot of feedback from high school coaches about the Big Ten playing on Friday night, "I'm sure they don't appreciate it." As for his own position? He just plays the schedule put in front of him.
  • Day credited Northwestern for being on the front end of the trend of bringing the spread offense to the Big Ten, and said--at that time--he studied that offense extensively.
  • Demario McCall suffered an injury during the pregame against Michigan State, but Day says he's hopeful that McCall will be ready to face Northwestern.
  • They feel like their "12 package" (one back, two tight ends) is an especially effective look for them.
  • It's important to avoid their egos getting in their way and keep what Day refers to as a "white belt mentality."
  • They constantly monitor the transfer portal now, but they aren't currently trying to project who will end up in the portal. That is a possibility they will discuss in the offseason. Day also said they do not hold a roster spot open for a potential transfer.
  • "It's hard to find a yard against them," Day said complimenting the Northwestern defense, which returns almost intact from last season's Big Ten title game. Pat Fitzgerald's imprint there is notable, and linebacker Paddy Fisher was also singled out for praise.
  • Georgia's upset loss to South Carolina is not something they discuss extensively, but it is a good reminder to Ohio State of what could happen if they stray from their plan to win.