Ryan Day Press Conference: Second Bye Week

Ohio State football gets a week off after beating Wisconsin 38-7. What will the 8-0 Buckeyes do to keep their momentum going? Head coach Ryan Day addressed that during his weekly press conference.

  • They are into the teeth of their schedule, and Chase Young will head into that with "as big a bulls-eye" as anybody, according to Day. Young is just one away from breaking Vernon Gholston's Ohio State single-season record of 14.0 sacks.
  • Will Young be able to grab some offensive stats? "That sounds fun," Day admitted, but then added that they don't want to take risks with their star defensive end, even if adding that to his repertoire would add to his Heisman resume.
  • Speaking of the Heisman, Day acknowledges that Justin Fields performance as a quarterback and JK Dobbins as a running back merits their inclusion in that discussion; and the fact that Young is being talked about as a defensive player is a huge credit to him. It would, however, take a "real change of mindset" of voters for that to happen. If Day had his druthers, the award would go to the best player, not necessarily the MVP.
  • It could probably be said that Day stopped short of stumping for any of his Heisman candidate, perhaps because he does indeed have three of them on his team.
  • Fields should be fine after tweaking his back, landing awkwardly in the end zone versus the Badgers.
  • "I've made as many mistakes as anybody," said Day, when asked about the lessons he's learned throughout his career.
  • Alabama's Nick Saban once referred to positive press as rat poison. How does Day feel about all the accolades being bestowed on the Buckeyes right now? "All it means is you have a lot more to lose if you let it get away from you," answered Day. They are, however, prepared. "We expected to be in this situation."
  • The contribution that linebacker Justin Hilliard has been able to make for OSU is not well enough known, Day feels.
  • The College Football Playoff rankings are about to come out for the first time (November 5th), but Day doesn't care if they're the number one team...at least not yet. All that counts, in his mind, is if you're the top program at the end of the season.
  • What does Day want Ohio State to work on this week? They don't have one major flaw as a team, but they have a bunch of little things they need to tighten up.