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Ryan Day Press Conference: Maryland Week

Ohio State will welcome in Maryland this Saturday. In the Terrapins, the Buckeyes will be facing a team that is ranked 64th in scoring offense and 86th in scoring defense. The first College Football Playoff rankings of the season come out tonight, so how many points will the Scarlet and Grey have to pile up to impress the pollsters? Head coach Ryan Day discussed that and more at his weekly press conference. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Although Matt Barnes was on Maryland's staff last year, his insight into this year's program is limited, because of all the turnover in staff and personnel.
  • Day described last year's game against Maryland as "wild" and "crazy." He said it was just proof that at this time of year wacky things can happen.
  • Although the defensive players who will take the field for OSU this week are largely the same players who were scored on by Maryland in that 2018 game, they are playing very differently. Day acknowledged some of that is scheme and experience, but maybe even a bigger factor is motivation. They sat around all offseason, and "they heard that they struggled."
  • Day's biggest concern right now? They can't get bored with excellence and doing the little things necessary to achieve it.
  • Tonight's College Football Playoff rankings are for the fans, Day maintains. He professed to not have the least bit of curiosity as to where Ohio State is voted tonight. His message to the players about it is it's good that they are relevant in November, but that's not their ultimate goal.
  • When it does come to the CFP, Day would like to see teams that win their conference make the playoff, but he didn't want to get into his vision of how the postseason should be conducted beyond that.
  • Maryland is improving as the season goes along and playing hard. Day said they have good players who are getting comfortable with the new coaches.
  • Getting players rest and preventing injuries is important, but there's a balancing act. Day conceded that players need a certain number of Saturday snaps to stay sharp.
  • Day will definitely be watching the LSU/Alabama game this weekend. He said that when he can drive home after a win in a noon game, order food, sit in a recliner in front of a fire, and enjoy his family, it's the time that he's happiest.

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