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Ryan Day Press Conference: Rutgers Week

Ohio State coach Ryan Day was naturally asked about Chase Young's status, but that's not all he talked about during his weekly press conference as he looked ahead to a road game against Rutgers. Some of the highlights from his talk with the media...

  • Describing it as an ongoing process, Day said he didn't have any updates he could provide on Young. He does continue to practice with the team.
  • Davon Hamilton is a player who has stepped up in Young's absence, but he has long been someone who has led by his actions.
  • Quarterback Joe Burrow was carried off the field after leading LSU to a win over Alabama this past weekend. Day said he is definitely proud of the Ohio State transfer.
  • As for his situation at the position, Day is happy to have a "grinder" as a QB in Justin Fields, because he has been consistent in the film room. Day said that's where a signal caller actually spends most of their time, and it's easy to try to take weeks off when it gets this late in the season.
  • Tight end Jeremy Ruckert told 610 WTVN this weekend that he estimates they have run about 50 percent of the plays they have used in workouts. Day today explained that they will practice a play until they feel comfortable with it, and gave as an example Ben Victor's 60-yard touchdown against Michigan State that they had worked on for weeks before ever employing it in a game.
  • Offensive lineman Jonah Jackson will be facing his former team this week, and Day is really glad that Jackson transferred to Ohio State. He has been a great fit from a personality and talent standpoint, and has been a great fit for the Buckeyes.
  • When you dominate an opponent, you have to look extra closely at film, or else you're grading "recruiting, not coaching," according to Day. As an example, Day was extremely disappointed by their 13 penalties in a 73-14 win over Maryland.
  • Rashod Berry will be used as both a defensive lineman and a tight end for the rest of the season.

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