Ryan Day Press Conference: Penn State Week

The Big East title is on the line when Ohio State hosts Penn State in OSU's home finale. What did Ryan Day have to say about the high stakes of this game, the seniors he'll be honoring, and the atmosphere of a contest which will see ESPN GameDay, Fox Big Noon Kickoff, and BTN Tailgate all on site? Here are the highlights of his weekly press conference:

  • Day described Penn State quarterback Sean Clifford as a signal caller with excellent spatial awareness and mobility.
  • Justin Fields spoke about taking online classes earlier this year, and today Day was asked if that makes it more difficult to track their academic progress, but Day said no. In fact, he and his staff go over class attendance every Thursday, and online classes are included in that.
  • Although it might not seem like something athletes need reminded of, Day said that he would talk to the players this week about them enjoying the atmosphere Saturday.
  • "They've become family," Day said of the seniors who will be honored this weekend. "It's going to be emotional. They deserve everything that they get."
  • Ohio State threw the ball a bit more the past couple weeks. Was that in preparation for Saturday's game against a strong Penn State run defense?Not according to Day. It was just something they wanted to work on, and they want to be able to throw the ball earlier in games.
  • The Buckeyes talent "won't matter" this weekend, because the players on the other side of the ball also have a great deal of talent. That hasn't always been the case this year, but Saturday's game will instead come down to discipline, preparation, and execution.
  • In the past two games against Penn State, Ohio State has found itself down two scores in the fourth quarter. For that reason, Day is stressing getting off to a fast start and emphasizing executing throughout the game.
  • Day doesn't remember the emotion of those tight, late-game moments, because--as an offensive coordinator--he was so busy reacting, he didn't have time to process anything else. Day said after one of those contests, he recalled going up to then head coach Urban Meyer and yelling, "What just happened?"
  • Day is encouraging fans to be loud on every Penn State offensive down, because the Nittany Lions will be trying to communicate on every down.
  • After the win against Rutgers, Buckeye running back JK Dobbins was asked if he is excited to finally be heading into a game that should be competitive for four quarters. Dobbins countered that it doesn't necessarily have to be a four-quarter game. Today, Day said he appreciated the Dobbins moxie and didn't have any problem with his remarks.
  • Recruits aren't going to get much face time with coaches this weekend, Day conceded, because there are other important things to focus on.