Gung Ho Security Guard Takes Baseball From Kid

There are rules that must be followed...I get it, but an Atlanta Braves security guard used some questionable judgement this week. To be fair--there was a mistake made--and a violation that can get a fan ejected. A father (I presume) sitting down the right field line, reached his glove down to field a foul ball---only it wasn't foul. The ball stayed just fair, so the fan interfered and technically has to be removed. As you'll see in the video below, however, the perpetrator hands the souvenir ball to what appears to be his young son.

Enter the gung ho security guard who seemed more than excited to kick the dad out of the ball park and went a step further, taking the ball away from the kid. The Braves announcers, calling the game, mock the guard saying "lighten up Francis" -- a famous line from the movie "Stripes." 

It's one thing to remove the dad--it's another to take the ball from the kid. How about using a little judgement. Check it out below.

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