LeBron Says "Boo" To Reports

Since last Friday's report that Kyrie Irving wanted out of Cleveland and out of the shadow of LeBron James there have been multiple reports about how James is reacting to the news. James has never spoken, but his supposed thoughts on the Irving news have been relayed through 'sources.' One such story--from ESPN loudmouth Stephen A Smith was that if James and Irving were face to face, LeBron would be tempted to---and I'm paraphrasing here---punch him out. James however took to Twitter Tuesday to respond.

He tweeted nearly the identical response to another story saying James is "eager" for the Cavs to trade Irving. 

How does LeBron really feel about Irving? Who knows. It's all guess work right now. I guess we'll all continue to guess until LeBron speaks for himself--and even then, his response may be measured. How he really feels--deep down, only LeBron knows.

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