Draft Night Is Bowling Night For Dwayne Haskins

Even though he is certain to be a first round NFL draft pick, Dwayne Haskins made the decision months ago that he would not attend the first round of the NFL draft in Nashville. The former Buckeye quarterback instead, plans to spend the evening with family and friends. That's not too unusual, as many top prospects through the years have preferred to be at home, with family, rather than in a green room at the site of the draft. What is unusual is Haskins won't just sit around and watch the draft. He'll be multi-tasking, hosting a bowling party with his family near their home in Maryland.

"It's something my family chooses (to do) to pass time," Haskins told radio host Dan Patrick on Wednesday's Dan Patrick Show. "I'm excited to go bowling."

Rumors about where Haskins will be taken in the draft have been widespread. The New York Giants, with the sixth pick overall, have been talked about as a landing spot for Haskins, but reports recently have indicated that they may go defense with that selection. Washington, Miami, Denver and even the Bengals are other teams with early picks that are thought to be considering Haskins.

In his interview with Patrick, Haskins discussed where he may end up. He also talked about his decision to be with family, rather than attend the draft in Nashville, and also spent time discussing what he call "the butt whoopin"---Ohio State's 62-39 victory over Michigan. If you missed it, here's Haskins pre-draft interview with Dan Patrick.