Riley, Jackson And McCoy

While I love my role with Joel Riley weekday mornings on WTVN, I'd be lying if I didn't admit to missing my weekday sportstalk show Stan Jackson. It wasn't exactly like "The Drive" on 105.7, The Zone (RIP) but it was nice this morning to talk with Stan. We had the former Buckeye quarterback and current BTN and WTVN football analyst on to discuss the opening round of the NFL draft coming up tonight. There are tons of rumors about Dwayne Haskins and where he might end up. Stan talked about the best landing spots for Haskins, plus Nick Bosa and some of the other draft eligible Buckeyes. Great stuff as always from Stan. We look forward to talking with him more down the road--and especially--this fall. You can check out Stan's thoughts on the Buckeyes in the draft right here.