Memorial Tournament Looking Ahead

The 44th Memorial was put to bed Sunday with Patrick Cantlay taking home the trophy, but shortly after the dust settled Sunday, organizers began looking ahead to 2020.

"Our team was able to get around (the tournament) and observe a little bit and kind of be a fan and take in how our patrons watch the golf tournament and we took a bunch of notes over the weekend," Memorial Director Dan Sullivan told WTVN. "We'll spend the next couple weeks and take a lot of time paying attention to every aspect of the tournament and try to make it a little bit better."

Even though the Memorial is well known on tour for pampering the pros in the field, Sullivan said the tournament will reach out to the players and even their families to make sure they were taken care of properly. Before any of that takes place however, the next week will be spent getting Muirfield Village back to normal.

"There's huge clean up," Sullivan said. "It just takes forever to get everything right and back to normal so the members can have their golf course back and we can fade to the sidelines."

Sullivan joined me to discuss the Memorial on the Joel Riley show on Monday. We also talked about this year's exciting Memorial finish, Cantlay's performance and more. If you missed it, you can check it out here.