"Did You Not Realize It Was A Snow Day?"

The InTeam event this week, honoring former Buckeye William White with the "Inspiration Award" produced some emotional moments. White, battling ALS, was recognized by former teammates like Chris Spielman and Keith Byars, basketball great Clark Kellogg and former Buckeye football coaches Jim Tressel and Urban Meyer. Our Lori Schmidt attended and captured some of the special moments on a night in which $10,000 was donated to White's foundation for ALS research.

The emotional night also produced a lot of laughter. Among the highlights was a story Urban Meyer told about his days as an assistant for Lou Holtz at Notre Dame. Meyer admitted being a bit intimated by Holtz and was afraid to make his head coach angry. As a result, when wife Shelley Meyer, who was working as a nurse, put Urban in charge of getting his daughters to school on a winter morning in South Bend, Indiana, Meyer was so focused on making sure he was on time for a staff meeting, that he made a rather large parental error. Funny stuff here from Urban, who was sure to thank Shelley for putting up with him. Check it out here.

A big thanks to Lori Schmidt for getting the video and covering the event. She's been an incredible blessing to us at WTVN. She blogged earlier about Jim Tressel recruiting William White to Ohio State. Tress was an assistant for Earle Bruce at the time and explained how White, who ended up being a star defensive back for the Buckeyes and in the NFL, was nearly a tailback for Michigan. In case you missed Lori's posts before, here's Jim Tressel's funny story.