Meltdown On The Mound

The good news for Trevor Bauer---unlike Rob Dibble in 1991, at least he didn't hit a fan. That day some 28 years ago, a Cincinnati woman was injured when Dibble, angry with his performance in a Reds win, hit her with a thrown ball that he fired from the pitchers mound over the center field fence. It's the only time I can recall anything like what we saw Bauer do Sunday, as he melted down in Kansas City. Bauer, who has been pitching well lately but has a reputation for being a loose cannon, just didn't have it against the Royals, allowing 9 hits, 8 runs (7 earned) in 4 1/3 innings. As manager Terry Francona headed to the mound to remove Bauer from the game, the strong armed right hander turned and fired a ball an estimated 375 feet, over the wall in center. Francona, clearly angry with Bauer, chided him on the mound and Bauer, seemed to understand immediately that his actions were unacceptable. To his credit, Bauer owned his on field freak out, and apologized to his teammates, coaches and the fans. Francona said the two "discussed it" but was clearly still angered by the incident.

"Today was a frustrating day," Francona said. "He did it out of frustration and I don't want to say something that I don't mean out of frustration."

If you missed the incident, here's some of the video below, as well as the Bauer apology and Francona's comments on the incident.

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