Nick Bosa's Ohio State Teammates, Former Buckeyes, React To "Flag Plant"

Nick Bosa has a long memory. The former Buckeye, now a rookie with the San Francisco 49ers, dominated the Browns offensive line Monday night and dominated Baker Mayfield. In the Niners 31-3 win over the Browns, Bosa sacked Mayfield twice, forced one fumble, recovered another and forced an intentional grounding penalty that prompted a celebration that broke the Ohio State internet. In the closing seconds of the second quarter, Bosa was pulling Mayfield down as the Browns QB heaved the ball away, drawing a flag. Bosa celebrated the play by pretending to plant a flag--trolling Mayfield who famously planted the Oklahoma flag at midfield, in Ohio Stadium after the Sooners beat the Buckeyes in 2017.

Bosa's jab at Mayfield struck a chord with many of his former Ohio State teammates and other former Buckeyes, who seemed to unanimously approve of the clap back at Mayfield. Here's some of what happened on Twitter, after the Bosa celebration.