Upset Alert? Not At Northwestern

Before the season started, if you looked at Ohio State's schedule, the game, at Northwestern, was thought to be a potential land mine for the Buckeyes. It still might be, as you have to play the game, but based on what we've seen this year, former Buckeye quarterback and my partner on the Jackson and McCoy podcast, Stan Jackson, doesn't think Ohio State is in any danger. He outlines his reasons completely in this weeks podcast, which you can check out by clicking on our podcast page link here, but gave a snap shot in his weekly visit with Joel Riley on WTVN. When asked by Joel if Northwestern might use last seasons Big Ten Championship game loss to Ohio State as motivation this week, Stan answered as only he can.

"Potentially but you've got to have the players," Stan said. "Pharaoh told the Israelites you have to make bricks without any hay and they realized they couldn't do that. Well guess what? There's no hay at Northwestern right now offensively."

The Wildcats are indeed struggling to find any offensive hay, averaging just 14.4 points for game, which is 128th in the nation. You can check out all of Stan's visit with Joel below and again, check out "Jackson and McCoy" on our podcast link.