Rutgers Bucksline

Nothing says Big Ten Football than an Ohio State/Rutgers game. Okay, maybe not, but while the game is not expected to be close Saturday, we still had a huge crowd and plenty to discuss Thursday night at Bucksline. We had a full panel, as our Dave Maetzold stopped by. As many of you know, Dave is part of our Best Buckeye Coverage team on WTVN but spends most of his time, later in the season, covering the Blue Jackets for Fox Sports Ohio. With the Jackets off Thursday, he stopped by and joined Stan Jackson, Bill Conley, Jeff Logan and me to talk Buckeye and Big Ten Football. It was a very fun show that included Bill's weekly "Know Thine Enemy" segment where we learned about the Rutgers "Curse of the Chanteclair." If you missed the show, you can check out the podcast by clicking here.

Well, maybe not, but we