Best Buckeye Coverage Analysts Weigh In On The Fiesta Bowl

As the Buckeyes get ready to face Clemson in the Fiesta Bowl, our Best Buckeye Coverage team was busy Thursday, talking with WTVN morning show host Joel Riley and me about the national semifinal. Joel welcomed all of our analysts, former Buckeye running back Jeff Logan, former QB Stan Jackson and former player and assistant coach Bill Conley to the show to discuss the monster match-up. I'm biased of course, but these guys are as good as it gets at breaking down Buckeye football. They talked about the keys to the game, the match-ups to watch and more. You can check out the conversations below and remember to join us Saturday, with out Best Buckeye Coverage of the Fiesta Bowl. The pre-game show starts at 5:00 and then after the game (8 PM on ESPN) we're back with the Best Buckeye Coverage post-game show including Ryan Day's comments analysis and more.