OBJ's Bizarre Night

Kevin Stefanski accepted the Browns head coaching job on Sunday. A day later his star wide receiver gave him his first headache. Odell Beckham Junior, an LSU product, was on the sideline for the Tigers national championship win over Clemson and has created quite a stir. From giving cash to LSU players, to stealing the band's megaphone, to a slap to the rear end of a police officer, Beckham's behavior has been under the microscope. Instead of completely enjoying a national title, Beckham's former school was forced to put out a statement Tuesday, acknowledging Beckham's hand-out to players, saying that the matter was under investigation. Two days later, Beckham's current NFL team, the Browns, were forced to issue a statement after Beckham's locker room cop slap resulted in an arrest warrant being filed against the receiver for simple battery.

You have to wonder what Stefanski is thinking. In his introductory press conference Tuesday, the new coach talked about playing together and no one player being bigger than the team. Now he's dealing with a distraction created by a guy that seems to seek his own spotlight above and beyond anything else. Just look what he did to LSU. He was at the game, supposedly to support his alma mater but instead, his antics have stolen the headlines. We really shouldn't be surprised though. This is who OBJ is. The Giants had enough and got rid of him. The Browns dealt with multiple incidents including controversies involving his game day visor and the style of cleats he wore. Stefanski and the Browns are now looking for a new General Manager to replace the fired John Dorsey, who brought Beckham on board. Will they fish with OBJ and his remarkable talent, or cut bait because of his "it's all about me" attitude? Time will tell, but if Stefanski is serious about no one player being bigger than the team, it's difficult to see how Beckham fits in.

In case you haven't been able to keep track, below are a few highlights of Beckham's bizarre Monday night behavior.