Ugly Night In Kansas

Good luck to Bill Self and Bruce Weber. The Kansas and Kansas State coaches are going to be dealing with a shortened bench in upcoming games, when suspensions are handed down following an ugly brawl Tuesday night.

With Kansas putting away an apparent 81-59 win, Jayhawks forward Silvio De Sousa was dribbling out the clock near mid-court when K-State guard DaJuan Gordon swiped the ball away and drove to the basket. De Sousa pursued him and blocked Gordon's lay-up attempt and then taunted Gordon by staring him down and standing over him. That's when all heck broke loose, as De Sousa was shoved, players on the Kansas State bench came onto the floor, the Kansas bench followed and very quickly, punches were being thrown as the melee spilled into the stands. The moment that put this incident over the top was when De Sousa grabbed a chair, and raised it over his head, threatening to use it as a weapon. Fortunately, an assistant coach was able to stop him from doing so.

If you didn't see what transpired, here's some video and reaction.