Ryan Day, Mickey Marotti Lighten The Mood

Given the current climate, it didn't feel like most April Fools Day jokes would be appropriate, but Mickey Marotti, the strength and conditioning coach for the Football Buckeyes, along with Ryan Day struck the right chord with a light-hearted prank. Marotti, who came to Ohio State with Urban Meyer back in 2012, has become an institution at OSU. He has developed a reputation as being among the best in the business. That's why a social media post from Ryan Day Wednesday stopped some Buckeye fans and former players in their tracks.

The ominous message, of Coach Mick giving his farewell to the team, was scary for Buckeye Nation....but only for a moment. When you view the video, you realize it's a ruse, as Marotti, in a video message to the Buckeyes, tells the team he's leaving to pursue his dream of becoming a rock and roll drummer, with his first gig supposedly August 1st on Put-In-Bay. At least one former Buckeye--Denver Broncos tight end Jeff Heuerman, took Ryan Day's bait hook, line and sinker.

The good news for Buckeye fans, as well as current and former players, is Marotti isn't going anywhere...which is bad news for the rest of college football.