Tom Hamilton Talks Tribe, Scenarios For Baseball's Return & More

We had the honor Wednesday morning to talk to a legend. Cleveland Indians broadcaster Tom Hamilton, with the Tribe since 1990, joined WTVN morning host Joel Riley and me to discuss the Indians, the current baseball hiatus and more.

As sports fans, we're all anxious to get back to playing games, but the COVID-19 pandemic health crisis continues to have everything on hold. Baseball fans, however, were given a ray of hope with a story by ESPN's Jeff Passan Tuesday. Passan reported that a scenario under consideration could mean Major League Baseball will be back as soon as June. According to the story, all major league teams would report to Arizona training facilities in May and then the season would begin, with all games being played, with no fans, in baseball stadiums in the Phoenix area. As part of our conversation, we discussed the ESPN report and Hammy was a bit skeptical.

"These are national writers so they obviously have great credibility and they're getting this information from somebody," Hamilton said during his visit on the Joel Riley Show. "Is it a trial balloon, to get it out there...and see what the players reaction would be? I don't know."

Hamilton said the feasibility of the plan and ultimately its execution seem questionable.

"You can take all of the things we can all think of that are much more serious from a health standpoint," Hamilton said. "But just the fact that you're going to try to play games in Phoenix, Arizona--even in the month of May, the average temperature is 95 degrees and then from June through September the average temperature each day is 105 and you're only talking about one ball park there that has a roof. I just don't know how you would have players playing in that every day."

We also talked about how long it would take for players to get ready to start the season, plus great stuff on Tom's run with the Indians, how long he'll stay on the job and much more. It was a pleasure to talk to him. If you missed it, you can check out our visit with Tom by clicking here to get to Joel's podcast page.