Browns New Uniforms Generating A Lot Of Talk But Likely Little Change

With sports currently on a COVID-19 hiatus, fans are grasping for anything that they can get excited about. Maybe that's why many fans of the Cleveland Browns have been buzzing for weeks about new uniforms. Almost two years ago, Dee Haslem, wife of owner Jimmy Haslem, became the point person for the new uniform design and fans have been waiting to see what the 2020 Browns will look like. A post on Browns social media Monday indicated that the wait is almost over.

At noon on Wednesday, the new look for the Browns will be unveiled. Coupled with the announcement was word that the Browns will donate the proceeds from jersey sales to the Browns "Hats Off To Our Heros Fund," benefiting first responders, medical professionals and others on the front lines battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you're expecting a dramatic change to the Browns look, you'll likely be disappointed. Over the last several days, new uniform looks for the Browns have been leaked and if they're accurate, they're really not much different than what Cleveland fans have seen in the past.

Uni Watch, reporting that the new look for the Browns will likely be very similar to, if not identical to those uniforms above. As for the helmet?

So while there are tweaks, the uniforms are not drastically different than Browns uniforms of the past. Maybe that's a good thing, considering the reaction of logo and uniform changes that have been made with the LA Rams and Atlanta Falcons. One thing is for sure, love them or hate them, Browns fans are mostly interested in one thing---that the guys wearing the uniforms start winning more than they lose.