Holtmann Talks Schedule, Quarantine, Next Season And More

We learned something Thursday morning when Chris Holtmann joined Joel Riley and me on 610 WTVN. The Buckeye basketball coach can multi-task. Holtmann visited with us as he got in some daily exercise in the form of a 5-mile walk. We talked with Coach about a variety of topics. Here's a few bullet points.

**Holtmann says he and the staff are trying to keep the Buckeye players engaged as they workout on their own, saying it's important to give them hope about what is coming next year. He joked that parents of the OSU players are becoming impatient, saying that on a recent zoom call he was asked "When is my son leaving my basement?"

**Ohio State's non-conference schedule was released this week. It again features difficult landmines, such as the Battle For Atlantis tournament that includes teams like Duke, West Virginia, Creighton and others but does not include a major in-state power like Cincinnati which has been a schedule highlight the last two years. Holtmann said it's possible that in years to come we'll see Cincinnati, Xavier or Dayton on the schedule but said it's more likely to be a "one-off" and not a series. He also said a 4-team in-state tournament with the schools has been brought up, but said it's unlikely in the near future.

**Holtmann says he still thinks about what could have been last year, saying he really liked the way the Buckeyes were playing at the end of the year and believes they had the potential to make an NCAA tournament run.

**Holtmann also said the lost time for next year's team to bond is a concern. He said whenever the quarantine ends, and the team is able to get together, it will be important to jell quickly because teams that have more returning players will have an advantage.

A big thank you to Coach Holtmann for joining us in what was a fun and informative interview. If you missed it, you can check out the whole thing by going to Joel Riley's podcast page by clicking here.