Snodgrass 'Optimistic' About High School Football This Fall

Jerry Snodgrass calls himself "an eternal optimist." That's why the OHSAA Commissioner, appearing Thursday on the Columbus Sports Commission's 'Virtual Sports Report,' said he believes we will have high school football this fall. High School sports, like everything else, came to an abrupt halt in March due to the coronavirus pandemic. Several winter sports tournaments, headlined by boys and girls basketball, were never completed and the entire spring calendar was cancelled as well.

"How confident are we? I would tell you the next couple of weeks are really going to answer that for me," Snodgrass said when asked about the prospects for high school football. "I think personally, and it's an opinion, what happens in the next couple of weeks as we re-open Ohio responsibly, is really going to determine what happens in the fall."

Perhaps a sign that high school sports could return this fall came from Governor Mike DeWine who announced that skills training, for all high school sports, may resume on Tuesday May 26.

It was an extensive interview with Snodgrass, touching on a variety of subjects including the shutdown of sports back in March, to the prospects of sports in the fall, to the expansion of the high school football playoffs in 2021. If you're interested, you can check out the entire interview below.