Members Of 2014 Buckeyes Relive Key Moments Of Championship Season

I was so immersed in the Memorial Tournament, I neglected to post this fun piece of Buckeye Football history sooner. Last week, 2014 Ohio State teammates Josh Perry, JT Barrett, Cardale Joines, Tyvis Powell, Evan Spencer and Michael Bennett got together on a zoom call and watched some of the key moments of the championship season for a "Video Recall" special on the Big Ten Network. Perry, who works as a BTN analyst, led the discussion, as highlights from key games that season were shown. While the season ended in a championship, the home opener that year, vs. Virginia Tech, did not go well. That game was featured as well as the Michigan game, the Big Ten Championship game rout of Wisconsin and the Sugar Bowl upset of Alabama. If you're a Buckeye fan, and have a half-hour to kill, it's well worth your while. There are entertaining and informative moments throughout including the guys teasing JT Barrett about his athleticism, Cardale Jones discussing the game plan leading up to the Wisconsin blowout, a humorous breakdown of Evan Spencer's key block on Ezekiel Elliott's 85-yard touchdown run vs. Alabama and a hilarious exchange with Tyvis Powell discussing his game clinching interception vs. the Tide. You can check it all out here. Enjoy.