Cubs Turn Triple Play* On Reds

It went down as a triple play in the official box score but it never should have been. In the seventh inning of the Reds 12-7 win over the Cubs Wednesday, Cincinnati's Shogo Akiyama batted with the bases loaded and nobody out when he hit a sharp, sinking line drive toward third. Cubs 3rd baseman Kris Bryant dove to his right and snagged the liner. With runners on all three bases on the move, Bryant stepped on third and threw to first for what went down as the rare triple play. The thing is, it really wasn't. Replays clearly showed that the ball skipped off the dirt before Bryant grabbed it. By stepping on third, Bryant should have had a force out of the runner coming from second, but that should have been the only out recorded because his throw to first did not beat Akiyama. If you're wondering (and I was) the play was not reviewable under Major League Baseball replay rules. I was not aware of this, but according to Reds announcer Chris Welch, the only reviewable plays on balls that are trapped are on balls in the outfield. Seems like a ridiculous rules omission to me, but apparently, that's why the triple play stood. If you missed the controversial play you can check it out here.