Buckeye Football Parents Ready For Saturday Protest

Based on the Big Ten football schedule that was released August 5, Ohio State should be just six days away from its season opener at Illinois. Instead, the only thing on the schedule is a protest organized by the parents of the Football Buckeyes. Just six days after that schedule release, the Big Ten and commissioner Kevin Warren, announced that the fall football season was cancelled. Since then, players, fans and parents across Big Ten country have been asking why. Three Power Five conferences, the SEC, ACC and Big 12 remain intent on playing football while the Big Ten and Pac 12 reportedly are considering winter or spring football seasons. The rally, to be held at 11:00 A.M. Saturday near the North Rotunda, comes a week after Randy Wade, father of Buckeye pre-season All-American defensive back Shaun Wade, organized a group of parents from Ohio State and other conference schools for a protest outside Big Ten headquarters in Chicago.

On Friday morning, the President of the Ohio State Football Parents Association, Amanda Babb, step-mother of Buckeye receiver Kamryn Babb, joined Joel Riley to discuss the goal of the protest, what they want from the Big Ten, how fans can help and much more. If you missed our conversation, you can check it out by clicking here to go to Joel's podcast page.