Another Buckeye All-American Returns

It's been a good week for Buckeye Nation. First, the Big Ten, 36 days after cancelling fall football, reversed course and announced that football would be back October 23 or 24. Hours after that announcement, All-American offensive lineman Wyatt Davis, who last week had opted out, planning to turn pro, changed his mind and decided to return to the Buckeyes. A day later, another preseason All-American, defensive back Shaun Wade, did the same.

"I'm going to come back and be a Buckeye and really go strive for this national championship," Wade said Thursday night on ESPN's Sports Center.

Wade's return is huge for Ohio State. Not only does he bring his first round NFL caliber playing ability back, but he also is a senior captain and provides valuable leadership to a secondary that is replacing three starters. Had he stayed with his decision to head to the pros, defensive coordinator and DB coach Kerry Coombs would have been breaking in a talented, but completely green secondary. That's one reason why Coombs and the Buckeye football program weren't shy about displaying their excitement.

One final comment on Wade's decision. When he opted out on Monday, most of Buckeye Nation was very supportive, posting messages of understanding and support to Wade, who became frustrated with the Big Ten's lack of urgency in deciding whether to reinstate fall football. Unfortunately, that sentiment wasn't 100%. A handful of "fans" were less than kind to Wade, with ridiculous comments questioning his commitment to the program. That was an idiotic take then---and would continue to be had Wade decided to stay in the draft---but it's especially horrific now. I hope those few who felt the need to criticize Wade and his family not only apologize, but grow up. These kids, whether they decide to leave Ohio State early, or remain Buckeyes, are making decisions that they feel are best for them---not you. Sure, if you're a fan, it's okay to be disappointed that you don't get to see a superstar player for four years, but it's not okay to rip the kid for leaving. I feel like we should all know that by now. Unfortunately, that's clearly not the case.

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