Plant of the Week - Swamp White Oak

After talking with Doug Tallamy last week about his new book about Oak Trees, I thought we could go one more time with more oaks (last week was Chinkapin).Now, Bur Oak is my favorite of the oaks, so always keep that one in mind.But I think one we should all consider for this area would be the Swamp White Oak – Quercus bicolor.Again, a majestic tree reaching 50-60 ‘high and wide, but doing so in a very reasonable amount of time!This native tree displays light brown flaky bark, beautiful dark green leaves (silvery on underside – orange gold fall color), 1-inch acorns, and is one of the most adaptable trees out there -easy to transplant and grows in poor drained soils as well as upland sites.A wise choice for that larger growing long lasting native shade tree.