We Have Two Parties with One Loyalty: The Establishment

RUSH: Bill in Pittsburgh. It's great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, it's great to talk to you for the third time. I'm calling because I wanted to talk about why the Democrats are going insane. There's an underlying reason that ties together the whole thing, and nobody seems to be talking about it. I honestly think that what Trump is doing to them is he's taking back political areas that they thought they already owned. For example, the health care thing, the Supreme Court. Now he's going after the urban populations, the Justice Department, EPA regulations. All these things are areas of our society and the government that the Democrats thought they'd owned and he's taken 'em back, and they can't say that their solutions were great. But --

RUSH: You know, I actually think there's something to that because in Washington... You know, we have this illusion that the parties in Washington oppose each other. But in many ways, they don't. The Republicans and Democrats really agree on a lot. I mean, they agree on comprehensive immigration reform. They agree on growing agencies and growing the size of government and bureaucracies and so forth. Even some of our Never Trumpers.

In fact, if you recall, one of the leading Never Trumpers... At some point during the Bush administration when all of this media annihilation of Bush was taking place, one of the leading -- and I don't want to mention the name, because I don't actually want to elevate or publicize these people. But one of the leading Never Trumpers said that conservatives needed to understand that there's been a change in the American people and that the American people now want a big government with a strong executive utilizing smart leadership.

Now, the point here was that was a Never Trumper, so-called conservative caving and giving away a lot of the foundational building blocks of conservatism. One of the big ones is reducing the size and intrusiveness of government. This guy said, "You know what? The American people are voting. And they're expressing their desires with their votes, and they keep electing people to expand the welfare state. We Republicans had better understand this and we better understand that the American people want a Big Government and they want a large bureaucracy that is helping them manage life," and so forth and so on.

What we end up getting -- not because this guy was a factor in it. But in many ways, both parties are similarly aligned when it comes to the size and scope and reach of government. And you're right. So here comes Trump, and as part of the agenda Make America Great Again, he is wresting control of these things and downsizing them and trying to limit their reach or taking control of them, as in the Supreme Court with his various nominations, and the judiciary at large -- the federal judiciary -- refusing all of these climate change ideas that Republicans and Democrats signed on to.

Like the Paris climate accords, various other aspects of this. So I think this is part of it too. This is something, by the way, that Washington never thought was gonna happen. I mean, if somebody from Washington, somebody in the existing political class gets elected president, this stuff isn't gonna change. The left is gonna own the judiciary. The Republicans are gonna control as much of the government as they can for the limited time they have the White House. Then they'll lose and Democrats get back control of it and so forth. It's been the rule.

It's been the game. But part and parcel of it was that the Republicans -- and I'm sure you're nodding your head in some agreement out there, because one of the problems was these guys would campaign with a promise to take all these things on and then they get elected and don't! And so it led to people saying, "You know, there really isn't any difference in these two parties. There's no difference and Republicans and Democrats," and when it came to earn is things in Washington, that was true. They put on a good show of being opposed to each other on various things.

But at the end of the political day, Washington never gets smaller, the budget never gets smaller, the bureaucracy grows, and it's all under the contest of, "We're trying to make life better for you." So Trump comes in and literally does what Republicans have been promising to do all these years, or makes a serious effort at it. And I think this is why both parties are discombobulated over Trump, why both parties have people that hate Trump. Because they're Washingtonians first. They're establishment types first, and Trump has really taken aim at it. That's an excellent point.

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