Upgrade Your Rush App for iOS 13

RUSH: A little housekeeping here before we get going. On Thursday, Apple is releasing the brand-new operating system for your iPhone and your iPad. It's called iOS 13. Now, normally I would not make a big deal out of this because it happens every year. But it matters if you have the RushLimbaugh.com app on your phone. If you have an iPhone, if you have an iPad and you have the RushLimbaugh.com app, do not doubt me, you need to go to the App Store sometime between now and Wednesday night -- well, they'll release iOS 13 probably at 1 o'clock Eastern on Thursday.

And it's pretty cool. I've been playing around with it. It has dark mode in it. It's got some brand-new camera -- well, actually photograph editing options that give you even much more control. And with the new phones coming it's gonna be lights out. It's gonna be cutting edge what you'll be able to do with your cameras and shooting stills and videos. But that's all for later. IOS 13 is going to have a dramatic change in stuff you don't see. It's how things work. And one of the things that's gonna be affected is media players.

So we updated the app in the app story yesterday. You can go to the iOS, the Apple App Store right now and if you already have the app, just go to the Apple update section and you'll see it's there available to be updated. What happens is our update optimizes the media player for iOS 13 which is gonna be releasing about 1 p.m. Eastern on Thursday.

We've been testing this because this is what we do, and testing showed last week that there were gonna be big problems with audio playback on Thursday if you don't update your app. If you update to iOS 13 and do not update your RushLimbaugh.com app, you're gonna have some compatibility problems. The audio player may not work at all, it may work in a spotty way. It will not be anything that you are used to.

So as long as you update to the new version of the Rush app before iOS 13's released, then you will not notice a change, everything will be fine. You might even see improved performance once iOS 13 comes. The update that we released yesterday also fixes a couple other minor bugs that users have been reporting, and we optimized the usual refinements to further enhance the user enjoyment experience of our app.

We're also gonna plaster this reminder all over RushLimbaugh.com. By the way, if you don't have the Rush app, you know, you should think about getting it on your phone or your iPad. We have a free tier at RushLimbaugh.com where you can enjoy much of the content of the website without joining.

You will not get Dittocam video and you won't get streaming audio, but you will get all of the transcripts of everything said on the program. And you can share those transcripts. You can copy them, you can print them, what have you. How many times are you running around, “Boy, Rush is really on a roll. I wish I could remember this.” You don't have to remember it if you have the RushLimbaugh.com app because it's all there.

And there's a lot of content. All of the parody audio and some historical videos from Rush the TV Show, they're all on the free side. There is plenty of material there. And if you've become a member at RushLimbaugh.com, the app is the absolutely best way to stream the program, the Dittocam, and access to the full library, an encyclopedic knowledge content of all of the years of output on this program if you become a member. But if you don't, even if you go the free side, there's all kinds of content to make it well worth your while.

So the bottom line, if you have the Rush app on your phone or the iPad -- we're not talking about Google or Android here, this is just the iPhone -- go to the app store today and upgrade the app. Do it before Thursday because if you upgrade to iOS 13 without upgrading the Rush app, you're gonna have some playback problems on the audio side.

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