Trudeau Joins Long List of Racist Liberals in Blackface

RUSH: Look at this. The headline on the Drudge Report is "Canada Jolted." This is because their prime minister, this Trudeau guy... (laughing) What did he do? They're not even calling it blackface. They're now... Yeah. The Drive-Bys are trying to cover for Trudeau. "Oh, he just loves costume parties. There's nothing to see here. Trudeau just loves costume parties. He was in 'brownface.'" There nothing "brown" about the faces Trudeau had put on, folks. It was blackface! But then I had to stop and remember (Southern accent), "The governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam. He's still there, too, Man! Ralph Northam, he painted his self up big time in blackface.

"Yes siree! Back when he was at the university. Yep! He was in med school, painted himself up there in blackface, and then got his self elected governor -- and then, after being governor, he said it would be perfectly fine to abort babies after they done been born! Just give 'em a pill." He's still there. So you think these people gonna have a fit over Trudeau? (interruption) He's Canadian, Trudeau? (interruption) No, no. The Canadians weren't racist, were they? Did they have slaves? He's just a good liberal.

Trudeau, he's a good liberal. They're gonna save him. They're gonna save the tribe. They're gonna do what they can to save the tribe. Look, "Canada Jolted Over Trudeau in Blackface." Was Canada "jolted" upon learning Trudeau has a massive carbon footprint while claiming to save the planet? Would Canada be "jolted" if Trudeau didn't wait a day for health care that Canadians wait months for? He doesn't wait for health care. He goes wherever he can get it instantly.

And then there's this tweet from Justin Trudeau back in April of 2019, this year. Remember this tweet? Quote, "White supremacy has no place in Canada. It’s time for all parties, including Andrew Scheer’s Conservative Party, to stand together in denouncing hatred in all its forms." And now we got a picture of Justin Trudeau -- and it ain't "brownface," folks. It is blackface, just like Ralph Northam was in blackface. The double standards here always standout. (sigh) It's just that hypocrisy never seems to attach.

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