Kanye West on Jimmy Kimmel = Mind Blown


Can't stand Jimmy Kimmel. So I don't watch his show. I've tried but I've become too much of the crabby old middle aged white guy. I like to laugh too but I rarely find anything Kimmel says to be funny. I look to late night shows to be entertained and to get away from news/politics. But Jimmy seems to think the world hangs on his every political opinion and his sycophantic studio audience feeds his ego.

Heard a lot of people talking about this clip from last night's show (Thursday, August 9th) and decided to at least get the YouTube version. It features Kanye West. I thought Kanye was brave to stick to his guns and describe how he feels about President Trump. Kimmel prodded a little bit but generally let Kanye say his piece.  It was also a pleasure to see a smiling and jovial Kanye rather than the dour and brooding guy as he's often portrayed. Doubt I'll be cranking up his music anytime soon but I have to say I enjoyed his musings. He may still not like George W Bush but we don't have to agree on everything.   



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