Thoughts & Prayers 2

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There is an alarming trend that has been brewing for years. Progressives can’t win the contest of ideas, so they are making it harder for Conservatives to find a platform. Its roots are found at a place that is supposed to be where there is a free flow of ideas from left & right; where those ideas are debated, changed, re-debated, refined and potentially become a viable theory – the college campus. However, some on the left seemed to have lost their appetite for debate and have decided that it’s easier just to not allow the other side to speak. Try having a civil conversation with a progressive sometime. Sure, there are those who still value the process, who think that they don’t have a monopoly on good ideas, but those people appear to be a dying breed. Now, most colleges and universities are full of ideologues who automatically assign evil intent to anyone who disagrees with them. Case & point, look how conservative speakers are treated on campus where they are invited to speak, if they are even allowed to speak.

Now it’s extending beyond the college campus to social media. All social media is owned or run by liberal entities. The “fake news” issue and “Russian meddling” has really been nothing more than an excuse to silence conservative voices. In Ben Shapiro’s podcast on Wednesday, he notes that his company, The Daily Wire has seen a marked drop in Facebook referrals, while liberal entities have seen similar gains. Shapiro says that it’s not just The Daily Wire, but almost all conservative mouthpieces that are seeing the same trend. The latest “scandal” regarding Cambridge Analytica’s data mining will lead to an even bigger crackdown on the conservative share of voice - and all in the name of truth, justice and fair play. Don’t you find it interesting that when our previous President did the same thing he was hailed as a genius?

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No, I think it’s only going to get tougher for conservatives. Liberals have most of the major media, Hollywood, college campuses, and now a much larger share of social media. I think it’s rather ironic that those who tout themselves as open-minded and fair are only open-minded and fair to those who think like they do. We have to stop playing this identity-politics game and start talking freely and openly about problems and solutions. Shutting down one side of the argument shuts down a valuable point of view. If you don’t have all the information, then how are you supposed to come to the right conclusion?

My prayer: That everybody realizes that the bedrock of this country is Freedom of Speech. Systemic stifling of speech, even speech you disagree with, is the beginning of the end.