The Basketball Buckeyes Motto

Thad Matta loves him some Will Ferrell. In fact in 13 years of covering Matta, he's quoted Ferrell movies on multiple occasions. As you might expect, one of Matta's favorite Will Ferrell characters is Jackie Moon, the fictional owner, coach and minor league basketball player in the 2008 comedy "Semi Pro." One of Moon's 'team rules' in the movie is "Everybody Love Everybody." 

"That's been our saying since the movie came out," Matta said...and now, he's got a sign to prove it. 


And now the Buckeyes saying is on the locker room wall. Matta said the sign went up about a month ago but it was revealed to the world when the Ohio State Basketball Twitter account posted it on social media Tuesday. If you're wondering if there's some kind of hidden message to this particular Buckeye basketball team---think again.

"I've been wanting (that sign) up for years," Matta said. "It's funny because all of my former players were hitting me up saying 'you finally got it up.'...I need some humor because I look at it and laugh."

Matta also laughs when he looks at his the autographed Will Ferrell picture in his office. Former Buckeye Matt Sylvester got it for him several years ago.

"Matt Sylvester was Will Ferrell's stunt double in that movie," Matta said. "He got me a picture of (Ferrell) signed. It's the greatest signature I've ever had on a picture. He's got an Ohio State jersey on and he wrote 'Thad....Happy Birthday bitch... Will Ferrell.' I think about all the things I've signed in my life and what I'd really like to write and I can't do that but he can."

Here's a clip of Ferrell---as Jackie Moon---showing off his "Everybody Loves Everybody" sign...and then a look at Coach Matta--after a 2013 win over No. 2 Michigan, referencing "ELE."



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