What Matters with Mindy Drayer and Mikaela Hunt brings families together through interesting stories and encouraging moments, laughter and hot topics, and creates a space where listeners can interact and speak their mind freely. With years of hosting and reporting experience behind them, the ladies find great community content you won’t find in most media outlets and challenge you to take part in the conversation.

Mindy Derr On How Golf Can Help Your Health

Mikaela's Colonoscopy

Mikaela talks about her colonoscopy and urges Mindy to get hers done. 

Marta Wojcik On The Frank Lloyd Wright's House in Springfield

Marta, Executive Director, talks about the significants of the Frank Lloyd Wright's Westcott House In Springfield. Here about the tours and events there. 

Good News: Chris Pratt's Golf Success and Smash Park

Mindy talks about Chris Pratt's search for a video and Mikaela talks about a new addition coming to Westerville. 

Two Men and A Junk Truck

Brody Olson, Sales Development Manager, is in to talk what Two Men and a Junk Truck can remove for you, and weird things that have happened on the job. 

Hot Topics: Interesting Pageant Winners

Mindy and Mikaela talk about an overweight and tansgender pageant winners. 

Why Aren't People Getting Married

Mindy and Mikaela talk Mikaela's rough start and why people aren't getting officially married. 


Mindy and Mikaela talk about Mikaela's upcoming colonoscopy. 

Columbus Air Show

Mikaela and Mindy talk with Brenda, director of operations, about the Columbus Air Show. 

Getting Stuck

Mindy and Mikaela talk about getting stuck in elevators, cars, and rollercoasters.