Hey... What About Stan?

Urban Meyer's Ohio State football program has done a fantastic job over the last couple years, with the videos it releases on social media. From pregame hype videos, to highlights, to behind the scenes practice shots, these videos have become popular with fans and recruits. But the latest one--which was tweeted out by Coach Meyer on Tuesday completely missed the mark. 

The video touts Ohio State's quarterback tradition. It features Les Horvath, Art Schlichter, Kirk Herbstreit, Bobby Hoying, Joe Germaine, Craig Krenzel, Troy Smith, Braxton Miller, Cardale Jones and J.T. Barrett. It also features a few shots of the new Buckeye QB coach Ryan Day working with the current group of Ohio State quarterbacks.

Perhaps there are time limitations and you can't include everyone, but if you're going to include Kirk Herbstreit, you have to include many others. I do not in any way, mean that as a slam on Kirk. He's a great  Buckeye and we know why he's in there....His outstanding work at ESPN has made him arguably the best known of the Ohio State quarterback alums....but if it's a video of the 'great quarterbacks'--and you include Kirk---what about others who, on the field, achieved more at the QB position than he did.

I'll start with a guy I know very well--who has also made himself a nice living in the media with his work with us at WTVN and of course, the Big Ten Network. His name is Stan Jackson. He was part of the 1996 and 1997 two QB system with Germaine. It was an era of great success (with the exception of one stinking game--the Michigan game.) Stan's career record as a starter at Ohio State was 21-3. Yes--it was a controversial era, because of John Cooper's dueling quarterbacks, but all Stan did was produce, and all Stan did was win.

Even more egregious than that---what about Rex Kern? Former Buckeye coach and longtime WTVN analyst Earle Bruce will tell you to this day, that Kern is the best quarterback Ohio State has ever seen--and its hard to argue. He won a national title as a sophomore in 1968--and followed that up with title contending teams the next two years. 

There was some chatter on social media about Terrelle Pryor. I see that argument but understand that omission. It's still not long since Pryor's off-field misdeeds landed Ohio State on probation...but Kern, Jackson, Cornelius Greene, Mike Tomczak, Tom Tupa, Greg Frey and Todd Boekman--who had Ohio State in a national championship game for heavens sake, accomplished more, as Ohio State quarterbacks, than Kirk.

Again--I want to be clear--I get why Kirk was included and if I'm Ohio State, I would put him in too...but it feels a little disrespectful to a boat load of guys who deserve that recognition as well.  Yes--obviously, it would make the video longer, but all I'm talking is a quick highlight and with the editing prowess of the guys at Ohio State, instead of a video that was 70 seconds it would have been about 2 minutes--and would have recognized other deserving Buckeyes while enhancing the message of Ohio State's on-going quarterback tradition. 

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