Paging Jeff Hodges

Just remember, boys and girls, when you take a stand and have an opinion, sometimes history will prove you right---but often times, it will prove you wrong. Such is the case with Jeff Hodges of Columbus.

On our all-sports sister station, 105.7, the Zone, Bruce Hooley, (host of "Spielman and Hooley" heard weekdays from 6-9 a.m.) had a 20-year old e-mail forwarded to him by former Columbus Dispatch Ohio State basketball beat writer Bob Baptist. It was from someone named Jeff Hodges. The gist of the May of 1997 e-mail was that then coach Jim O'Brien was making a mistake in bringing in Boston College transfer point guard Scoonie Penn.

"Ohio State doesn't need him," the e-mail read, "Penn isn't a savior and he isn't 7-feet tall... O'Brien cannot waste his one scholarship this year on a transfer player."

The Hodges e-mail got better when he wrote, "He won't come in here as a junior transfer and put Damon Stringer on the bench...Penn isn't that good." 

We all know what happened...Penn was in fact--a savior of sorts, teaming up with Michael Redd to lead the Buckeyes to the Final Four in 1999 and a Big Ten championship in 2000. 

Scoonie now works with us at 105.7, the Zone, not only visiting with Chris and Maddie Spielman and Bruce on a regular basis, but joining former Buckeye captain Tony White every Monday night from 6-8 pm for Basketball Bucksline. He was in studio Friday morning when Bruce read the e-mail aloud to him. His reaction was priceless. Take a listen below. 

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