Evan Turner, You Have Company

Evan Turner hit one of the most famous shots in Ohio State history, when he beat Michigan at the buzzer at the 2010 Big Ten Tournament. Ohio State trailed the Wolverines and had to go length of the court in 2.2 seconds. Turner got it done, with a shot from just inside mid-court.  Seven years later, it was a different kind of finish, but Michigan lost at the buzzer with yet another length of the court play.

Thursday night at Northwestern, in a tie game, the Wildcats had just 1.7 seconds to work with. Rather than a mid-court basket like Turner's the Wildcats dialed up a length of the court pass, perfectly executed by forward Nathan Taphorn, who found big man Dererk Pardon near the basket. Pardon turned and banked it in for a 67-65 Wildcat victory. Two different length of the court plays...two different teams... one victim.. Michigan. Check out the Pardon basket here...and then--ET's game winner in 2010.



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