BCI Science School Aims to Educate Ohio Fourth Graders

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Piecing together a mystery, working off an age-appropriate storyline and learning how investigators do their jobs. That's how Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine describes his office's latest outreach project, aimed at Ohio's fourth graders.

BCI Science School is the name of the curriculum initiative, and DeWine's office says it is free to any school administrator who requests it."

Our whole idea was to integrate this program into the fourth grade curriculum. The real key is whether or not teacher like it or not. If they like it, if it works for them, we could see this all over the state of Ohio," DeWine said, as he interacted with students at Reynoldsburg's Herbert Mills STEM Elementary School.

A document provided by DeWine's office indicates the BCI Science School includes 26 lesson plans aligned to the Ohio Department of Education's Fourth Grade standards.

The students work to 'solve' the fictitious scenario of a farmer named Bob Agriculture who is missing, along with his dog, Buckeye.

DeWine says he hopes the curriculum vertical will help groom tomorrow's police investigators and forensic scientists.

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