Can They Make A Run?

The Basketball Buckeyes open Big Ten Tournament play Wednesday night against Rutgers. If they win that game--they get Northwestern on Thursday. A win there would send them to a Friday game against Maryland. The Buckeye bracket was one of the talking points with former Buckeye captains Scoonie Penn and Tony White on Basketball Bucksline Monday on 105.7, the Zone.

"This is a good bracket for (Ohio State's)," Scoonie said. "But like we've said all season, this is a conference where you can win any game, but lose any game. Rutgers played us tough here...I think the whole bottom half of the bracket feels like it can make a run."

Tony White agreed with that assessment. 

"I looked at the bracket and was thinking...this is not bad. If you have to play on Wednesday, this is not the worst road to the finals," Tony said. "But then I remembered, this is Ohio State...Every time I've (been optimistic) for the last two seasons, I've been the poor unfortunate dog that's been hit on the snout by a rolled up newspaper."

We also had a discussion about the 2017-18 Buckeyes---in which Scoonie expressed optimism about next year while Tony is not convinced things will be much different. If was a fun discussion. If you missed the show, you can listen to the podcast here.  

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