People! We Need To CALM DOWN!

Folks, we need to take a deep breath and get a handle on this self-perpetuating gun anxiety that paralyzes reasonable action and thought. 

Earlier today there was a REPORT, a REPORT of someone in a building on the Columbus State campus POSSIBLY having a gun. Further, the REPORT indicated that the individual that POSSIBLY had a gun, had left the building and gotten into a car and left the campus.  The response? Total lockdwon, shutdown, and send home of anyone and everyone at Columbus State. 

Now, think about this. One person THOUGHT they saw a person with a gun. Total shutdown of everything. No shots fired, no threats, no altercation, nothing. Just a person who THOUGHT they might have seen a person with a gun who promptly left the area. This kind of reaction is ridiculous.

 Should we evacuate buildings at the sight of a cigarette lighter? After all, nearly 4,000 people were killed in fires in the United States in 2014. What about an individual confirmed to be carrying car keys? Over 30,000 people lost their lives in auto accidents in 2015, so allowing a person to wield the keys to a death machine on campus is surely worth a lockdown.

The fact is, we have gotten a bit too "chicken little" as far as I am concerned. Just last week a hospital in Houston was shut down for hours after someone reported "a gunman shooting in the hospital". There was not one. Maybe someone dropped a bedpan and it made a startling noise. I don't know. All I know is this unfounded hysteria is starting to wear on me. It is also going to eventually manifest itself in the "boy who cried wolf" syndrome.  That is the worst part. 


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