Zeke Makes The Wrong Kind Of Headlines Again

Former Buckeye running back and Dallas Cowboys star Ezekiel Elliott has made some off-field headlines that are not very flattering. From serious stuff--like a domestic violence investigation that turned up nothing--to questionable decision making, such as visiting a marijuana shop in Seattle during the preseason. None of this has resulted in any kind of discipline but the pattern of behavior isn't great. It continued over the weekend in Dallas, when Elliott's hi-jinx at a St. Patrick's Parade was caught on camera and posted by TMZ sports. Elliott is seen exposing a woman's breast during the parade. According to TMZ, Elliott's representatives said the woman was not upset and continued to party with Elliott after the incident. 

Is it a huge deal?...Of course not...but the pattern of behavior is not heading in a great direction for Zeke. Elliott was on the Buckeye Cruise for Cancer last  month, and since it returned there have been multiple reports and comments from Ohio State fans, that Elliott was rude and disrespectful. Not good. Let's hope, for his sake, he checks himself before these little incidents turn into something much bigger.



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