Zeke Taken To Task On TMZ By Chris Spielman

Former Buckeye Chris Spielman, who works weekday mornings from 6-9 am with Bruce Hooley and Maddie Spielman on our sister station 105.7 The Zone, took his opinion national Wednesday. Chris, a Fox NFL and college football analyst, was being interviewed by TMZ sports about the Ohio State players in the NFL draft. The conversation shifted to last year's draft class--and the top players, when Chris was asked about the off-field behavior of Ezekiel Elliott. As he has done all week on the Zone, Chris didn't take it easy on the former OSU running back.

"I want people to stop saying he's a 'young man,'" Spielman said. "There comes a point in time when we all know right from wrong....At what point is it okay to pull some woman's shirt down in public?"

Elliott, this week, has been under fire for doing just that--pulling a woman's shirt down at a St. Patrick's Day parade in Dallas.

"He is bringing this upon himself. Nobody is bringing this upon him. And he's not young. He is of the age where he knows right from wrong, so lets stop with the young card, I can't stand it. There are no more young card, Chris said. "It's never okay to pull somebody's shirt down. That's insane to even justify that behavior. It's crazy."

You can hear Chris bring those kinds of takes every morning with Bruce and Maddie on 105.7 the Zone. If you missed his TMZ interview, it's right here. 

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