Meyer Updates Spring Ball

With nine workouts down, and six to go this spring--capped off by the April 15 Spring Game--Ohio State Football Coach Urban Meyer gave an update on the Buckeyes following Tuesday's practice. Here are some of the  highlights.

On the battle for back-up QB--between Joe Burrow and Dwayne Haskins: "Joe is ahead of (Haskins) but they're both getting reps. Tate (Martell) had his best day the other day in the scrimmage. There's good competition there which brings out the best in people."

On the progress of J.T. Barrett and the quarterbacks with the deep ball: "Deep ball percentage was the best it's been since we've been here last week. We are charting everything and J.T. and the boys did a really good job. We didn't catch all of them but in terms of accuracy it was almost 90 percent and that's what we're looking for."

On the Buckeye defensive line: "As of right now, that's the strength of our team on defense---they're fast and they're really good players. Dre'mont Jones is really turning into a fine player here for us...Defensive end--I challenge (any program)---we'll be as good as anybody in America at defensive end."

On what he wants to see over the last six practices of spring: "What I'm looking for is energy and enthusiasm. We're very strong (with that) at the top. When your best players are your best workers and the most enthusiastic people, that's a good sign. We're (also) very strong at the bottom. The last two classes are exactly what you look for on and off the field. The 2015 class--they've received a lot of heat and it's very justified. That was not a good class. The good thing is, they're allowed to change and they're starting to change."

On the position group making the most progress: "Tight end is the most improved position on the team right now. A.J. Alexander is really coming on and Luke Farrell is a little bit ahead of Jake Hausmann but they're both very comparable. It's the most improved position on the team."

On the play this spring of defensive end Sam Hubbard: "He's as elite as anyone I've ever been around. He's just working and working and shows up every day with the same demeanor on special teams--he's a valuable guy. He's the face. That's kind of what you're looking for. The mistakes we've made (in recruiting)--we're looking for those other guys, like him."

To watch all of Coach Meyer's press conference today, you can click on the video link here. 

Black Stripes Off

Meyer did not mention it during the press conference but Tuesday's practice saw two more players--both walk-ons--have their black helmet stripes removed--becoming "true Buckeyes." Receiver C.J. Saunders and linebacker Nick Seme were recognized after practice. The ceremony was posted on social media by the Ohio State football account. Check it out here. 

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