My 2nd favorite equation

 If you want to run a successful hotel a new study finds what keeps customers happy. reviewed 148 million sentences from customer reviews written by travelers all over the world. They discovered a formula that sums up what people cared about most in their reviews: C35 (room cleanliness) + F25 (friendliness of staff) + B10 (bed comfort) +D7 (location) + P2 (value for money)+ 1/2 H (hotel coffee maker) + Q (quietness of the room)+ Br (breakfast included)+ S (swimming pool) +W (free WiFi) = Hotel perfection. Lead researcher and consumer psychologist Dr. Simon Moore says, "Psychologically, risks and discomfort out-weigh comparative positive benefits five to one, so it’s no wonder travellers pay more attention to the fundamentals such as comfort and cleanliness over lavish pools and fine-dining."

I always liked math and this is now my second favorite equation. My first? Take it away Sheldon...



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